Of course, that’s what it is. An impulse. 

Been trying to figure out what’s really happening deep within. But, I can’t seem to find the answers.  Can it all be just an impulse? I’m really terrified. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time. To what they were before. BUT I know I can’t. No matter how I want it. I just can’t. It’s inevitable.

Ever felt like trapped in a place you feel so helpless and you have no one to turn to? That feeling when no one seems to care. Seems like you don’t exist. You may feel the warmth of your breath. But are you really living? living your purpose.

Thoughts are overwhelming right now. I feel like crying. The pain is still there. No matter how I conceal it. It surfaces back. I know I should be okay. I know I am okay. I know. Do I really feel okay? Or am I just making myself believe I am okay?


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