Oscars Red Carpet 2015: Lara Spencer Irks! Lupita Nyong’o Wows! And Terrence Howard Dresses Down Idol?


It’s the biggest night of the year in cinema, so why not subject the industry’s MVPs to the harsh and superficial judgment of Kim-Kardashian’s-sister-who-used-to-co-host-The-X-Factor?

Yes, we’re straight-up mocking the 2015 Oscar Red Carpet coverage from E! and ABC — but aside from ogling pretty dresses (#OMGLupita) that’s pretty much the point of the pre-ceremony appetizer, yes?

We scoured two hours of mind-numbing coverage to bring you the 10 most memorable moments — from a possible insult of a Friends star to a super butt-kissy intro to an unrecognizable actor-singer-spouse.

So click through our gallery of 10 moments below to tell us where we got it right, what we misjudged and any eye-popping goings-on we might’ve missed!

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